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Made fresh daily from market fresh ingredients.

All platters $85 each (recommend 1 platter per 15-20 guests, depending on what other food is supplied)


  • Antipasto- continental meats, sun dried tomatoes, olives, fetta, marinated capsicum and gerkins.

  • Sandwich- 56 pieces 5 assorted fillings

  • Baguette- 24 pieces 5 assorted fillings

  • Cheese & crackers- various cheeses and an assortment of crackers

  • Lavish bread pinwheels- 60 pieces 4 assorted fillings

  • Friut platter- assortment of seasonal friuts

  • Quiche- meat and vegetarian 40 pieces

  • Hot savory 1- mixture of pies, sausage rolls and quiche served with bbq and tomato dipping sauce approx 50 pieces

  • Hot savory 2- mixture of vegie samosas, spring rolls and meatballs served with sweet chilli dipping sauce approx 70 pieces

  • Kids platter- chicken nuggets, pies, sausage rolls and continental frankfurts served with tomato sauce approx 50 pieces

  • Surf and turf- calamari, crumbed whiting and meatballs served with sweet chilli and tartare dipping sauce approx 70 pieces

  • Hot chicken- chicken drumettes, chicken satay sticks and chicken nuggets served with satay and sweet chilli dipping sauce

  • Sushi- bite size sushi pieces served with fish sauce and wasabi

  • Baguette - 24 pieces, 5 assorted pieces


Sushi platter .jpg
Sandwich platter copy.jpeg
Sandwich platter.jpeg
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