(GF) Gluten Free (V) Vegeterian

Tender and tasty curries. Our Curry menu comes with correlle dinnerware, stainless steel cutlery, serviettes,condiments and uniformed staff to serve and clean up.


25-50 Guests - price per guest $25.50
Please select two mains and four sides

51-500 Guests -price per guest $24.50
Please select three mains and four sides

Curries: Mains

Beef Madras (GF)

Butter Chicken

Beef Curry (GF)

Bombay Curry

Curried Sausages

Curried Chow Mein


Curries: Sides
Minted yoghurt and cucumber
Ricotta and spinach ravioli with a Napoleon sauce
Sweet potato mushroom and spinach fritatta (V)
Ratatoulli (V) (GF)
Vegetable medley (V) (GF)
Jacket potatos with sour cream (V)
Potato and pea curry (V) (GF)
Vegetables in coconut milk (V)
Boiled rice (V)
Potato and vegetable curry (V) (GF)
Green salad (V) (GF)
Greek salad (V)
Pasta salad (V)
Potato salad (V)
Potato and egg salad (V)
Coleslaw (V)
Rice salad (V)
Hawaiian rice salad brocolli and bean mix (V) (GF)
Cauliflower cheese (V) (GF)
Jullienne carrots with honey (chopped fresh daily) (V) (GF)
Corn kernells (V) (GF)
Minted peas (V) (GF)
Roast pumpkin with rosemary (V) (GF)